Clyde’s Corner Episode 2

March 16, 2011

We are happy to bring you episode two of Clyde’s Corner. After some controversy at the end of episode one, Phil and Clyde were able to patch things up with the help of a camel hypnotist. Questions in this episode:

1. Who do you like better: Gaga, Kesha or Katy Perry? (Mike)
2. What is so special about camel toes? (Nick)
3. Clyde, what is your take on the current wave of protests throughout northern africa and the middle east (and beyond)? Are your camel brethren partaking in the activities? Are camels as restless a species as man? (Nina)
4. Can people have camels as pets? (Nick)

Clyde would also like to let you know that he is hosting a contest on Click here to check it out.

Till next time…

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